About Us

Founder, Chief Calligrapher
This journey started in 2017 when I walked into an art store in Liverpool, UK.
I bought a nib and a nib holder, wrote for a couple of days,
and off it went into the corner of my drawer,
together with the rest of my abandoned interests. 

My kit saw the light of day again when I returned to Asia later that year.
Charged with energy and enthusiasm, I dove into a full-time job but unfortunately, my mental well-being took a hit.
To deal with my struggles, I turned to my trusty pen and paper and
poured out my heart, frustration, guilt and endless confusion. 
Many good hours were spent confiding on paper.

It was therapeutic for me, watching how those strokes and shapes,
turns and pressure, develop into beautiful forms.
I learnt that the slower I write, the better control I have.
The more I practise, the better I get.
No shortcuts.

I became more patient, both on my journey as a calligrapher, and as a person.
Every time I turn to writing, I am reminded that, like life, relationships or travel journeys, I cannot rush writing with a dip pen.
The process is beautiful and the lines I created are mine to own.
I was lucky enough then to share my work on social media,
which in turn became my business platform. 
I started designing wedding stationery, 
accepting ad-hoc commission requests.
With increasing interest on bespoke designs, writing tools and desk stationery,

The Nibs & Paper Company was born.  

I built this business with a mission to create and connect goodness on a friendly platform that focuses on community over competition.
A platform where one can ask questions, take time and make mistakes; 
or learn calligraphy without feeling insufficient.
Thank you for your time in learning more about me and about The Nibs & Paper Company.