Makers Community


Occasians is a Singapore-based Company and they are our exclusive ceramic maker for our very own ceramic stationery. The team consist of a bunch of passionate and enthusiastic ceramic artist.


Our ceramic stationeries are all hand made and has been through many rounds of research and development. We discussed the users experience, materials, weight and designs to ensure what you are purchasing is not just a pretty piece of art, but also a practical tool for your writing.   



Roger&Sons is a Singapore-based woodworking design studio. The team in Roger&Sons put our idea into beautiful and practical wooden desk stationery. As a very small startup, we are very lucky to have met this very dedicated team who assist us along the way. They are incredibly professional and has an enormous amount of patience in producing quality woodwork.


This line of wooden stationery are thoughtfully designed to help you organise your calligraphy stationery.   


 Written Word Calligraphy is a Canada-based calligraphy store. We decided to bring in their practice pad for a very simple reason, it looks and works beautifully.

As we first started on calligraphy, we searched high and low for a comprehensive practice pad that can guide us along our practice. So then we found this, and then we bring them to you.  




Woodliner is a home business based in Hong Kong, specialised in painting wooden dip pen holder. Together with Woodliner, we collaborate and created this exclusive rustic series of dip pen holder. Each pen holder is beautifully and uniquely painted a layer at a time, on light-weighted high quality rose wood.