The Nibs & Paper Company x Roger&Sons

Roger&Sons is a Singapore-based woodworking design studio. As a very small start-up, we are very lucky to work with this very dedicated team who has assisted us greatly along the way, transforming our ideas into beautiful, practical wooden desk stationery. We share the same philosophy of creating items that last for life. The team at Roger&Sons is incredibly professional and has an enormous amount of patience in producing quality woodwork.


Our line of wooden stationery is thoughtfully designed to help you organize your calligraphy stationery so you have the space and freedom of movement to focus on your writing.


Roger&Sons was founded in 1988 by one incredible father. 
After he passed, his three sons took over the company and revived what was about to be a dying trade. It was no easy feat - taking over the company and transitioning from making system furniture for offices to finer wood working items. It was tough but the tough gets going. Now, Roger&Sons is a multidisciplinary design studio made up of dedicated and creative wood-loving people. They design and make thoughtful objects that are both functional and beautiful.